Visit To A Resource Recovery Park

Everyday, I commute and pass by Pallikaranai dump yard,  where a hill of  unsegregated waste grows day by day , I have some feeling within that is not quite comfortable. We live in a city called Chennai, make announcements that we love Chennai, shoot a movie and sing a song…


Everything Is Beautiful When It Rains

After a hot summer, it is been raining these days in Chennai , a rain that is quenching the thirst of plants. A welcoming weather for the chirping birds and fluttering butterflies. All is beautiful when it rains..Do we even need words to describe ? !          …

French Toast

French toast

Few things will delight you in the mornings for sure. A rose smiling at you while you water it ,  the aroma of tea while you sip it , the crunchiness of the Marie biscuit when you dip it in the tea.. All ‘feel good ‘ factors of the mornings….

Flowers in the garden

Flowers in the garden

      Are you ready for weekend fun ? Are you good at identifying flowers? Let us see… Can you identify the flowers here?    

Srouting Spinach

Super Singer Greens

I believe you all enjoyed the finale of ‘Super Singer Junior 4’ show. Wasn’t it awesome to watch those lil kids rock on the stage? Congratulations Spoorthi , Jessica and HariPriya! As music to ears , greens are to eyes…. soothing and refreshing, Especially when you have a few you…


Sirukeerai / Amaranthus

Today morning,I harvested my first organic greens from my terrace garden. It was also the first time I had succeeded in raising a plant from its seed. I feel proud and accomplished even though all I did was to sow and sprinkle water and keep it in the full sun….

flower and a rain drop

Paruva Mazhai / Monsoon rain

The Monsoon rain in Chennai is doing amazing things to the weather. All is wet and well. It is a promise to the dry lands and vegetation. Enjoy some clicks  I took just after the rain .  For me , they are like babies who just had a bath …….