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Everyday, I commute and pass by Pallikaranai dump yard,  where a hill of  unsegregated waste grows day by day , I have some feeling within that is not quite comfortable. We live in a city called Chennai, make announcements that we love Chennai, shoot a movie and sing a song about the history of the city . What are we giving back to the city that is meant so much to our lives. Be it any city , for that case, it is our foremost pride to keep it clean.


Rather than arguing and empathizing, we went ahead , a year back to segregate and manage our wet waste at our home.  I am sure there are many more getting into  the same discipline on the advent of awareness spread by  people like Vani Murthy, , Good Governance Guards. Be it a small Kambha or a leave it alone pitts, the choices are many and it will unveil as you become aware of the problem. Solutions come to minds that understand the problem. How true!

I have been failing a lot in aerated composting method, but mother earth has been so forgiving that whenever I bury my mismanaged compost, she turns that into black gold with her little warriors called earthworms.  I never harvested my compost and always have let them feed my plants in situ. My terrace plants were, off late lacking nutrients , compelled me to buy vermicompost from Perungalathur Solid Waste Management facility  aka  Resource Recovery Park. Hand in Hand is a NGO that has tied up with local governing bodies, collects wet and dry waste, segregated at source , composts the waste  and sell them as wealth.  They have grown a model garden with a variety of vegetables and fruits all pesticide-free, growing naturally with the rich compost that is made in there. They also have a small herbal garden , recycled garden . When you  visit the place , you will forget that this is a garbage processing area for  it smells like earth , full of life and green .  This is such a contrast to the dump yards I pass by everyday to work. Earth, just like life, is what  you choose to make ! Isn’t it ? 12043018_10153439121127550_3987593292262133966_n












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