French toast

Few things will delight you in the mornings for sure. A rose smiling at you while you water it ,  the aroma of tea while you sip it , the crunchiness of the Marie biscuit when you dip it in the tea.. All ‘feel good ‘ factors of the mornings. 😀

I am carefully saying this on Friday..Happy Weekend to you all !

A snap of the beautiful rose bud that inspired me this morning.

Red Rose


Let us talk breads !


The days when you are able to bake your own bread (or  say buy a unsliced bread loaf ) , are those days you are free to  whip up your imagination and create your favorites. For me , I would love to make these French Toast with thick slices of bread. I had baked white bread the day earlier.  The bread was soft and calling for a culinary adventure. The recipe is very simple and kids’ friendly. My kids love them for breakfast , a warm eggy toast with sweet indulgence.


Thick slice of bread – 3 Numbers


Regular  white bread slices – 4 Numbers

Milk -4 tablespoon

Eggs – 2

Honey / Brown sugar – 4 teaspoon

Cinnamon powder – 1/8 teaspoon

Butter – As needed


French Toast

Whisk the egg with milk , honey and cinnamon powder until it is frothy. Pour in a shallow pan  bigger than the bread slice. If you are short of cinnamon, you can use vanilla extract .

Heat a thick skillet (Dosa kal) ,  spread butter generously on the skillet. Dip the bread in the egg -milk mixture until the slice is well moistened.   Place the slice on the skillet and disturb not till it cooks on the bottom.Keep the heat low throughout, as we may not want to burn the egg.   Turn over and repeat for a caramelized crust.  The sweet I have given is good enough to eat it as such. If you crave for more, you can dress it up with some whipped cream/ Icecream/ date syrup/ butter/ Honey / maple syrup/ cut fruit salad. The choice is yours to decide how you would like to be  enlightened for the day.

Have Fun!





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