Diwali wishes to all !  Wishing you all a happy , safe and dry Diwali ! The monsoon has drenched Chennai like it had never before and all the kids have their fingers crossed, hoping that the rains would end at least on the day of Diwali.  If you…

Kadambu / Seem paal

Seem paal / Kadambu/ Junnu is the steamed cow’s first milk.  One must be lucky to get fresh colostrum to make this in the authentic way. Lucky that we have many neighbours in our native to share this rare ingredient. If you have ever tasted the street vendor’s kadambu in T.Nagar area,…

Menthi kura pappu

Menthi Kura Pappu

Menthi kura pappu – A simple yet healthy dish.  Menthi is rich in iron and recommended for lactating women,  diabetic patients not limiting to  anemia, stomach disorders etc. There are numerous ways to include methi in our diets like paratha, curry , kura. This particular dish is famous in Andhra…

Panivaragu kichadi

Panivaragu kichadi

  It was a morning time , when my manager/friend Kathy offered to share her breakfast – Quinoa salad.  Cooked quinoa paired with diced carrots and other veggies , dressed with olive oil . Simple, but it was a hearty meal. I enjoyed  it more for the fact that it…

Chettinad Chicken kuzhambu

Chettinad Chicken Kuzhambhu

This dish is a favourite Sunday dish in our house, a day when we all meet at our native. This is an aromatic tender chicken dish that will entice everyone. Calls for a variety of spice and coconut , infusing the chicken with delightful flavors.

Peerkangai kootu / Ridge guard curry

Peerkangai Kootu / Ridge gourd curry

There are certain dishes for which you don’t need to tell  your mind to plan , size, and execute. All that you may have to say to yourself is that ‘I am making kootu for lunch’. The execution is almost effortless and flows like a river that knows the destination….

Cauliflower Peas kurma

Cauliflower Peas Kurma

The house was brimming with joy and laughter. About more than 15 people, all were my aunts, uncles, cousins and children. There was a three month old who was going from one’s hand to another, entertaining the crowd. Three chefs in the small cosy kitchen. Happiness is cooking while chitchatting….

coconut rice

Thengai Sadham / Coconut Rice

Long gone are the days when you were not sure if the coconut you are buying is going to be fresh.. There were days you drove 18 miles to Devon Street (Chicago) only to realize 2 out of 3 coconuts you picked were rotten. Not any more. In Chennai, you…

Sigappu aval upma

Poha Upma / Sigappu Aval Upma

Poha upma was introduced to me in Mumbai when I went to my sister-in -law’s house in 1998. It was one super easy dish I learnt from my s-i-l as a beginner in kitchen. If you do the tadka right and garnish right , there is no failing.  🙂 Here…

Kongura pachadi

Having A Wonderful Summer…Kongura Pachadi

This summer is rolling full of fun and experiments. (More on experiments later ;)….) The main reason being the trip to my homeland -India. I am back with loads of memories just like the mangoes in this truck. Soo colorful and vibrant 🙂   Just like the rain drops in…

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