Super Singer Greens

I believe you all enjoyed the finale of ‘Super Singer Junior 4’ show. Wasn’t it awesome to watch those lil kids rock on the stage? Congratulations Spoorthi , Jessica and HariPriya!

As music to ears , greens are to eyes…. soothing and refreshing, Especially when you have a few you take care of everyday . I visit them at the dawns,  hearing their melodies gives me a boost start !

Our Duranta -( I came to know of the name just today – Googled here), started blooming for the season and must say these flowers provide  feast to butterflies. I hope to see the visitors soon. We had pruned the shrub (almost as big as a tree,now) to give some light to the roses at the bottom, so, the flowers are facing the sky and I miss those drooping bunches of the lil purple angels.



Look at the babies peeking out with innocence and hope – Sprouting Spinach.

Srouting Spinach





Cabbage in progress


First eggplant!

Baby eggplant

Foxtail Amaranthus/Thandu keerai

Thandu keerai

Amaranthus/ Arai Keerai


Gongura/ Pulicha keerai


Spring Onions

Spring onion

You all have a great weekend!



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