Cauliflower Peas kurma

Cauliflower Peas Kurma

The house was brimming with joy and laughter. About more than 15 people, all were my aunts, uncles, cousins and children. There was a three month old who was going from one’s hand to another, entertaining the crowd. Three chefs in the small cosy kitchen. Happiness is cooking while chitchatting….

Idli podi

Idli Podi

‘What’s for dinner? ‘ ‘Idly with left over sambhar’ ‘Will the sambhar be enough for all four of us?’ ‘No Dear, we can have  Idli podi if we run out of sambhar.’ ……. After the dinner is ready and served  on table,   ‘Dear, come , let us have dinner.’…


Neverfading Love Of My Grandma / Urad Dall Chutney

Our Grandma ,Lakshmiammal is one great personality known for selflessness, love and  generosity. Even when she was young she had made several sacrifices that no other normal girl would do in her personal life. Many days she used to feed the food she had for her to the  poor begging…

Idly and peppery potato kurma

Idly and peppery potato kurma

I was preserving one of my mom’s best dish  for the new year . Oh ,what a pity, my modem went wrong on the new year day , just 10 days after its warranty period.  Can you imagine? I  spent 9 full days without browsing the blogs .  mmm mm…

Cauliflower kurma

Cauliflower Kurma

1 tb G dall + 1 tsp U dall + 1/4 coco – fry in oil –> grind–> onion + tom + paste–>boil….  Oops , Sorry for the scribble, but it was the way my recipe notes used to be before I started this blog. Can you understand? Of course ,…