A day in Alapuzha backwaters

Ever since we moved back to India , I’ve had this boat house trip on my wishlist. “God’s own country” welcomed us with open arms. We took the train to Ernakulam in the morning and boarded the rustic boat house at Allepey by midday. The  boats were parked neatly in parallel along the sides of the bank, getting ready for the day’s guests. The water was a deep emerald green and calm. The boat then started and the cook aboard the boat took our choices for lunch. The place was completely scenic and serene.

There were  no sounds, except the sweet chirping of the birds. The air smelled of fresh fish fry and pazhampori. The rest of the day was an  absolutely relaxing experience. Later on, the boat parked for some sweet tender coconut and ayurvedic body massages.   When the sun began its decline, the boat was tied along the sides of the bank . The insects started ringing and the moonlight reflected on the still waters was a sensual pleasure.

At dawn, we took a short stroll along the banks and watched the birds frolic in midst of the lush green paddy fields. We were intoxicated by the beauty around us, listening to mother nature’s subtle lullaby. Throughout the trip, I must confess that the thing that troubled me was the astonishing amount of oil spill, diapers, water bottles, cans and sanitary napkins that were floating around on the water.  Are we reciprocating the same love to our mother nature?  Isn’t it everyone’s duty to be responsible of their own waste? We had travelled a staggering distance of 740 km to see the untouched beauties of God’s own country, only to find a land polluted by irresponsible tourists and ignorant locals. I believe that in order to maintain this wonderful haven, we must all lend a hand to spread awareness and be conscious regarding our carbon footprint.






Rise and Shine!


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At Coir Musuem









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