You First Eat With Your Eyes- Cake Decoration

So true…

I have baked several cookies to cakes , never had this satisfaction while serving the food this way.



Yes, You guessed right , I am talking about cake decoration class I took.

This is my latest muse, which quenches my thirst of baking as well as my thirst to express art in food.

I was a novice baker who applied store bought frosting on warm cake and was wondering what mistake I did .. 😀

The greatest decoration I had ever done was to glaze some cinnamon rolls .

I knew I needed help and heard about Wilton classes from my dear friend Vahini. I signed up the very week, gathered the supplies and was like a kid who awaits to open her presents on her birthday.

The classes, I would say , was really informative. Lucky would be you if you get an instructor who does not push you to buy Wilton products .

I did buy the student kit, a 13 inch angled spatula and a cake lifter. For a turn table, I went for Ikea’s lady suzan . It is really a bang for your buck.

I googled a lot and here are my few favourite links to learn a few extra tricks. – A good one teaching from start to finish

Here are the few cakes I have done so far …

Graduation Day Cake

Graduation Day Cake

cake 10



cake 9


cake 8


cake 7


cake 6


cake 4




Class on Cupcake decoration

Class on Cupcake decoration

Barbie Doll Cake

Please do share your experience/tips/comments.


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4 thoughts on “You First Eat With Your Eyes- Cake Decoration”

  1. usha says:

    Wow!!superb …very perfect….i loved it somuch…

  2. usha says:

    Wow!!superb …very perfect….i loved it somuch…

  3. So pretty and colorful! God bless!

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