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Terracotta wind chimesTerracotta wind chimes














Whenever I see the roadside vendors in ECR selling terracotta wind chimes, I almost go to pay for the wind chimes. I restrain from settling down for the colors they sell , keeping myself  driven to paint my own.   Long time desire came to realization recently. We bought a unpolished wind chime , a sand paper, gold metallic paint along blue and green paint.

Terracotta wind chimes


My daughter is the master mind behind the color selection , design .  We hung the chime over a rod and placed it over two sofa chairs firmly. The floor was covered with newsapapers , and painting began with blue color as base, green  borders and gold highlights.

The job was messy but the result was delightful. The kids loved doing it, wind chime was air dried and fine corrections were done at last.

This sort of project will sure bring a proud smile on  in your face, quality family time and a vibrant home decor of course :),  if  you want to try . I promise.


terracotta wind chimes



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