French Toast

French toast

Few things will delight you in the mornings for sure. A rose smiling at you while you water it ,  the aroma of tea while you sip it , the crunchiness of the Marie biscuit when you dip it in the tea.. All ‘feel good ‘ factors of the mornings….

Sourdough dinner roll

Sourdough dinner Rolls

Thanks to my dear friends, Isabella and David,  for  helping me acheive my long time dream come true. Bread making was always foriegn to me and I came to a conclusion that breads are commercial products which need a lot of skill and perfection. My conclusion was rewritten when  I tasted…

Honey Wheat Bread

Honey Wheat Bread

I was much inspired by my fellow bloggers Anita, Priya , Monisha, Asha  by their culinary experiments in baking. I have been wanting to indulge  in bread making for long time but never had the time and heart for it. I  found that this is a perfect chance to learn bread making. I must…