Poondu satham / Garlic rice

This is a simple recipe but a very helpful postnatal diet. I had made this several times and found this as  the easiest, yet a tasty way to include garlic in my postnatal diet.  I found this recipe  in a supplement of a tamil magazine.


Cooked rice – 2 cups

Small onion- 1/2 cup

Garlic pods – 1 cup

Ginger- 1/4 inch piece

Roasted and ground black pepper- 1/2  tsp

Raosted and ground cumin seeds- 1 tsp


An important thing in  making any mixed rice variety is that the rice has to be cooked well but  must be separate grains. Normally this can be achieved by  roasting the raw rice in little ghee before cooking or adding a little sesame oil while it is cooking. Once the rice is cooked, cool it well  in a wide pan/ plate.

Cut the onions, garlic and ginger into fine pieces. Heat oil or ghee in a wide skillet, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds , dried  chillies (3-4 numbers)  and curry leaves. Add the onion, garlic and ginger pieces and  fry them on low heat. Add pepper powder and cumin powder. Add salt to taste and mix the rice , turning off the heat.

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20 thoughts on “Poondu satham / Garlic rice”

  1. asha says:

    Sounds great LA!I love the photo too.1 cup garlic!! I guess we will smell like Garlic too!;D

  2. Roopa says:

    wow yummy we also make this but different version!

  3. Mythreyee says:

    arumayaana saadam. Poondu romba nalladhu. It even prevents cancer. Good recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  4. kajal says:

    Nice presentation with great photo.
    I like this plate any time….thanks for sharing…
    Keep it up.:)

  5. deepa says:

    cool,superb saadam wonderful taste

  6. so;ai says:

    interesting.a good way to add lot of garlic in the diet.Will try and get back

  7. Tina says:

    Enjoyed your blog. A couple of suggestions: please use standard recipe language. For example, when you write 1 tomato – 1 no or 1 onion – no what exactly do you mean? Is that the quantity? You could just say 1 tomato.

    When you write a recipe, ingredients should be listed in chronological order of their use in the recipe. For example, if the first step is to heat oil, oil should be the first ingredient.

    In your garlic rice recipe, there are 3 ingredients in the cooking instruction that don’t appear in the ingredient list: mustard seed, curry patha and red chilies. To be more professional, you should list every ingredient.

    Your blog idea is fantastic! And I loved reading all the recipes. Would be nice for us to know the translation of all the Indian words and terminology.

    Happy blogging!

  8. tony thiru says:

    The recipe sound great. You should post them on Samukam.com social network in the Tamil recipe/food section.

  9. deebalakshmi says:

    I like very much this recipes.you should dedicate much more recipes.
    Best wishes,

  10. deepa says:

    ya its a healthy food too

  11. sudhajagadish says:

    I tried your recepie,it came out very well& poondu is good for health also.
    thank you

  12. remajai says:

    good presentation. really looks yummy.

  13. Niyas says:

    I have small restaurant in sri lanka i like learn different Indian dishes pls send me more details

  14. yuktha says:

    i like usually garlic a lot & now it’s even more better. taste wow!! with pieces of pappads & appalams

  15. Ramya Karthick says:

    wooow. its really good

  16. kanmanirajesh says:

    its very good

  17. nithan says:

    very tasty rice

  18. Edwinn says:

    Tasty diet food very nice thank u for that recipe

  19. UV says:

    It turned out very nice .thx

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