Terracotta wind chimes

Wind Chimes

   W I N D C H I M E S     Whenever I see the roadside vendors in ECR selling terracotta wind chimes, I almost go to pay for the wind chimes. I restrain from settling down for the colors they sell , keeping myself  driven to paint…

Menthi kura pappu

Menthi Kura Pappu

Menthi kura pappu – A simple yet healthy dish.  Menthi is rich in iron and recommended for lactating women,  diabetic patients not limiting to  anemia, stomach disorders etc. There are numerous ways to include methi in our diets like paratha, curry , kura. This particular dish is famous in Andhra…

Chocolate cake

Best Microwave Chocolate Cake

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience. It is a time your hormones rule you and your cravings are either strange or stronger. I bet many get the most attention from family during pregnancy.  😉  It is often not only to keep the pregnant lady happy but also for the fact that…

Panivaragu kichadi

Panivaragu kichadi

  It was a morning time , when my manager/friend Kathy offered to share her breakfast – Quinoa salad.  Cooked quinoa paired with diced carrots and other veggies , dressed with olive oil . Simple, but it was a hearty meal. I enjoyed  it more for the fact that it…

Chettinad Chicken kuzhambu

Chettinad Chicken Kuzhambhu

This dish is a favourite Sunday dish in our house, a day when we all meet at our native. This is an aromatic tender chicken dish that will entice everyone. Calls for a variety of spice and coconut , infusing the chicken with delightful flavors.

French Toast

French toast

Few things will delight you in the mornings for sure. A rose smiling at you while you water it ,  the aroma of tea while you sip it , the crunchiness of the Marie biscuit when you dip it in the tea.. All ‘feel good ‘ factors of the mornings….

Peerkangai kootu / Ridge guard curry

Peerkangai Kootu / Ridge gourd curry

There are certain dishes for which you don’t need to tell  your mind to plan , size, and execute. All that you may have to say to yourself is that ‘I am making kootu for lunch’. The execution is almost effortless and flows like a river that knows the destination….

Flowers in the garden

Flowers in the garden

      Are you ready for weekend fun ? Are you good at identifying flowers? Let us see… Can you identify the flowers here?    

Srouting Spinach

Super Singer Greens

I believe you all enjoyed the finale of ‘Super Singer Junior 4’ show. Wasn’t it awesome to watch those lil kids rock on the stage? Congratulations Spoorthi , Jessica and HariPriya! As music to ears , greens are to eyes…. soothing and refreshing, Especially when you have a few you…

Chocolate cake decorated with M and Ms

Impromptu cake

The cake baked tasted good, layered with whipped cream , did  a crumb coat and all ready to do icing. On the day of the party, the number of invitees surged twice the planned number and unfortunately ,  I  had reserved the decoration for the last. Time flew and I…

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