Neverfading Love Of My Grandma / Urad Dall Chutney

Our Grandma ,Lakshmiammal is one great personality known for selflessness, love and  generosity. Even when she was young she had made several sacrifices that no other normal girl would do in her personal life. Many days she used to feed the food she had for her to the  poor begging at her door.

When we moved to Chennai, to a highly compact apartment, she made many new friends. When the young ladies return from their work , they got to  pass by our apartment. So they will stand by to say ‘Hai’ and ‘Bye’. My Grandma knowing how tired they will be and will make/ share her tea with them. Such was her thoughtfullness. She never had a selfish motive or desire. All her life was spent  in the  kitchen making delicious food  and her happiness was in making people happy  through her ‘kaipaagam’.  She  is more than Grandma to me and my three brothers for she brought us up  since our primary school.

It is now 10 full years  since she rested in peace (April, 8, 1998) but  memories of her love has not faded even a bit. To any women who know her , she  was a great inspiration and an ideal women.

I started this blog to honor her and her unique recipes. At this point of time of remembrance, here is another classical chutney recipe of my grandma.



Urad Dall/ ulutham paruppu- 1/2 cup

Medium onion- 1 no

Medium tomato- 1 no

Red chilli- 3 /4  no

Coconut- 4 long slices

Tamarind- amla size

Salt to taste


Heat a skillet , add a tablespoon of oil, roast the dall, keep it aside.

Simlarly roast the chillies. Slice the onion and tomato and fry them till they are cooked well.

Grind all with tamarind , coconut and salt to a grainy/smooth texture.

For those who like crunchy bits, (My mother does  this)  fry another 1/8 cup of urad dall till golden and add to the mix at last . Do the tallipu and add it too. Pulse the mixer for once or twice.

Yummy chutney is ready to be served with Idly or rice as thogaiyal.



Neverfading chutney like my Grandma’s love

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19 thoughts on “Neverfading Love Of My Grandma / Urad Dall Chutney”

  1. Mythreyee says:

    Memories of whom we admire and adore remain fresh in our minds, though they are not physically present. Your grandma’s chutney recipe is just fantastic.

  2. musy says:

    A beautiful ode to your Grandma’s memories and love.

    Thanks for this delicious chutney recipe, dear.

  3. Purnima says:

    I shall try this yummy chutney..loved the way u hv arranged the fried items in a platter! Tks for sharing ur precious recipe frm grandma!

  4. Kalai says:

    Such sweet memories! Grandmas are really the best, aren’t they? You’ve brought a smile to my face thinking of my grandmother, too! Wonderful chutney recipe, too! 🙂

  5. Rajani says:

    Hi lakshmi,
    Very nice recipe passed on by your grandma. Lovely to know about her.


  6. says:

    This makes my mouth water. I am always at crossroads as to what to make for dosa or idli and end up with sambar or chutney the normal one. I am going to try your grandmothers recipe the next time.Thanks for sharing.

  7. Pari says:

    Hi Lakshmiammal,
    Pictures re really very good. Mouth watering! Espeacially the time, I am hungry.


  8. veryyy nicee..i love Indian Recipes…..but my urad daal doesn’t cook properly….how long sholud i soak it?

  9. de says:

    hi laksh, your idlis are the best in the whole blogosphere.

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  11. Mona says:

    Hi, My first time to you blog! I love to prepare chutneys and I am going to try this recipe of your beloved grandmother soon. Thanks for sharing!!

  12. mukesh says:

    hi mona,
    i am also prepare and love chutneys because chutney is the delicious food.

  13. rahul says:

    Hey! its turned to be great This makes my mouth water. I always go to sagar ratna for dosa or idli I tried your grandmothers recipe, it turned to be great.Thanks for sharing. But It was tough time finding the various ingredients you had mentioned where I live and then I found a great resource online having good selection of various ingredients

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    Would you be interested in submitting this recipe to my website? My email is [email protected]

    With regards.

    Subodh Mathur

  15. suryabose says:

    Mouth watering recipe. I’m gonna try it. Thanks for sharing

  16. anu says:

    looks yummy. And its new to me,you knw. will try it. i would be so glad if ur visit my blog …

  17. tony thiru says:

    The recipe sound great. You should post them on social network in the Tamil recipe/food section.

  18. Hello. This is a great site. I would like to invite you to visit and follow the submission guidelines for sharing your grandma’s recipes there as well. It’s dedicated to preserving our culinary heritage, and all those sweet memories we have of our grandmas. We hope you will visit soon.

  19. I am really feeling hungry after reading this article.

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