Cinnamon cake

Cinnamon cake

I am  comfortable with the  cake mix cakes rather than measuring and sifting flours and starting from the scratch,  but everytime I make  a difference in it either by adding nuts,  choclate chips. This time I mixed white cake mix with the recommended oil , water and eggs and  divided the batter into two . In one half I added cinnamon  sugar mix . I poured the plain batter first in the cake pan , levelled it  and poured the cinnamon mixed batter on top. This added some color and appeal to the plain cake and of course I loved the cinnamon  in it.

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7 thoughts on “Cinnamon cake”

  1. Nidhi says:

    Wow! What a great idea Lakshmi. I m gonno try it too, Which cake mix do you use by-the-way??

    Thanks for sharing,


  2. Trupti says:

    How neat! Great idea to put a personal touch in the store bought mixes!


  3. Vini K says:

    Wow Laksmiammal,great idea to add cinnamon to cake mixes..I love cinnamon in cakes.Looks nice.

  4. Monisha says:

    Thats looks yum! Also substituting the water for milk or cream makes the cake a little richer!

  5. laskhmi says:

    Hi Lakshmi
    for me too the same prob, i am more comfartable with the ready-made cake mix packets.
    Adding cinnamon, wow the cake looks real good.

  6. indosungod says:

    LakshmiAmmal, Cake looks wonderful, the cinnamon gives the cake a beautiful color.

  7. lakshmiammal says:

    Thank you friends, for taking time to appreciate.

    BTW Nidhi, I used the cake mix bought from ALDI.

    Dear Monisha, Your tip is much appreciated and I always dream to make cakes like you with icing and decos.Thanks a lot.

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