First meal of the week – Pongal

Just as assured as sun rises every day in the east..there are few rituals of every one which do not change over time.  For us it is ‘Pongal’  being the first meal of the week.  It is an equation that does not need any proof :  Sunday AM= pongal Pongal…


Happy karthikai deepa thirunaal ! Badam Halwa

 Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharishi தென்னாட்டுடைய சிவனே போற்றி! எந்நாட்டவருக்கும் இறைவா போற்றி! Wish you all a happy karthikai deepa thirunaal. Visit here to know about the grand annual worship of the divine light in Tiruvannamalai. Thanks to my friend Saffron hut for rendering the recipe of this lovely sweet Badam Halva

sweet fenugreek pongal

Sweet Fenugreek Pongal

Mothers always want to give their children  their best. You are right, for a nursing mother, lactation is always an issue. I had  spent hours browsing to find lactation aids. But now, I don’t. The reason is rediscovered the power  of garlic and fenugreek. I add them to my diet in all…

Fall colors

Fall Colors Everywhere – Rawa Kesari

It is lovely to walk along the road side, making a ‘charak charak’ sound with the leaves . As the leaves fall, they know their destination , still they give their life a colorful ending. Their  bond  with the tree is in the hands of a breeze. Some leaves get knocked…


Diwali Is Approaching

Next saturday is Diwali, but there are no signs of it. There are no advertisements with  Sneha dancing inside  Saravana Stores (as rightly called ‘Indian Walmart’ by vinod ) .There is no shopping list in my hand bag to keep me wander in the busy streets of Ranganathan street. There are…