Mysore Bonda

Mysore Bonda

In the days when I started cooking, it was more like experimenting. My grandma eyeballs her ingredients, so is my mom. They are really good at it , though I needed a more reliable cooking steps to begin with. Mallika Badrinath’s cookery show got in my watch list slowly. Her…


Badusha- A Pictorial

Here I am..again  remembering my blog . Happy Diwali to all! Diwali- The only time in the year I am motivated to cook  sweets.  It just happened that in my family all are spice lovers and none got  a  sweet tooth except for those chocolates. I remembered that the year…


First meal of the week – Pongal

Just as assured as sun rises every day in the east..there are few rituals of every one which do not change over time.  For us it is ‘Pongal’  being the first meal of the week.  It is an equation that does not need any proof :  Sunday AM= pongal Pongal…

Chow chow poriyal

Chow Chow Poriyal/ Spicy Chayote Curry

Our town lies in the border of Tamilnadu and Andhra pradesh. Just like our people speak both languages, they also practice both cuisines in their day  to day life. It is hard, atleast for me, to define which dish belongs to which state. The other day, when my husband bought Chayote, I thought of…

Avarakai poriyal

Avarakai Poriyal / Indian Beans Curry

A simple curry  for a normal day meals. This is totally satisfying when done in the right way. If it is slightly undercooked or when not seasoned with adequate oil, will leave you disappointed.  This is the way my grandma cooks this veggie, and it has never let me down….

Garlic rice

Poondu satham / Garlic rice

This is a simple recipe but a very helpful postnatal diet. I had made this several times and found this as  the easiest, yet a tasty way to include garlic in my postnatal diet.  I found this recipe  in a supplement of a tamil magazine. Ingredients: Cooked rice – 2 cups Small…



While in India , we bought these tender mangoes  for making pickles. Maavadu pickle is a great combo for thayir saatham / curd rice. The recipe was  in hand, but alas, there were  no vadumanga remaining  after they were soaked in salt, for the next step.  All got ate up!  Anyway, I just…

Vegetable pulav with raita

The ‘No Spit’ Vegetable Pulav

‘Thinnai pechu veenaa pochu’ goes a famous tamil saying . It means that all chitchat is a waste of time. I agree, but in one such  kind of gala chat I had with my friends back home,  we started  talking about food and it ended up like a recipe exchange…



This is  a fried snack my mom prefers to do for festivals, to pack for my brothers and for me when we leave to our hostels (during college days) and when we go on a long journey in holidays. Also great for an evening snacks. This is my modified version of the…

Idly and peppery potato kurma

Idly and peppery potato kurma

I was preserving one of my mom’s best dish  for the new year . Oh ,what a pity, my modem went wrong on the new year day , just 10 days after its warranty period.  Can you imagine? I  spent 9 full days without browsing the blogs .  mmm mm…

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