millet bread

Multi Grain Bread / Millet bread

Breads are a joy to bake, convenience to carry and versatile to suit  everyone’s  taste.  You can  only feel tiresome if you want to list the number of ways  one can pair  the bread –  Nutella, jams, cheese spreads, marmalades, compotes,  fresh fruits, chutneys, veggies….the list  is endless.   Baking bread…

Chocolate cake

Best Microwave Chocolate Cake

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience. It is a time your hormones rule you and your cravings are either strange or stronger. I bet many get the most attention from family during pregnancy.  😉  It is often not only to keep the pregnant lady happy but also for the fact that…

French Toast

French toast

Few things will delight you in the mornings for sure. A rose smiling at you while you water it ,  the aroma of tea while you sip it , the crunchiness of the Marie biscuit when you dip it in the tea.. All ‘feel good ‘ factors of the mornings….

Chocolate cake decorated with M and Ms

Impromptu cake

The cake baked tasted good, layered with whipped cream , did  a crumb coat and all ready to do icing. On the day of the party, the number of invitees surged twice the planned number and unfortunately ,  I  had reserved the decoration for the last. Time flew and I…

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Chocolate Chip Muffins

As every weekend comes by, I start with a desire to bake something , then get distracted with other handful of hobbies (hehe..) and look forward to another weekend all over once again . Last weekend was something different, our neighborhood Nilgris got renovated and restocked with fresh ingredients. We came…

cake 2

You First Eat With Your Eyes- Cake Decoration

So true… I have baked several cookies to cakes , never had this satisfaction while serving the food this way. Yes, You guessed right , I am talking about cake decoration class I took. This is my latest muse, which quenches my thirst of baking as well as my thirst…

Nan Khatai

Nan Khatai

I don’t know about others, I love to eat local food on trains. Especially on the train from Chennai to my suburban home town, the train is busy with food vendors selling stuff ranging from samosas, butter biscuits, boiled peanuts, mangoes, etc etc. I love the smell of those nei…

Easy breezy cookie

Easy breezy cookies

It is a cookie festival at my blog guys! This cookie is so easy breezy (my girl’s contribution to my vocabulary) and  requires  just egg, oil and cake mix . The original recipe is from here.  Ingredients: Yellow cake mix with pudding – one 18.5 oz pack Oil- 1/2 cup Eggs – 2…

Pecan cookies

Pecan shortbread cookies

Whenever I bake, I have my daughter running around the oven smelling, tasting, peeping, to say in short, குட்டி போட்ட பூனை மாதிரி. (like a mother cat who delivered in recent and goes around the house with her kittens often changing  their place of stay ). At times, she will become over…

Banana muffins

Banana Muffins

Have you ever had the joy of  acheiving that you had dreamt for  a long time? I read here that the ‘user experience pleasures’ are of thirteen types and I experienced today two such types of pleasures – triumphant  (The joy you experience  when you win ) and accomplished (The joy…

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