Kasuti embroidery

Kasuti Embroidery

There are many talents Indian women possess which least  exposed to the world. Kasuti embroidery is one such craft, prevalent in  Karnataka  and Maharastra, in which the women show their spontaneity and imagination. It is very similar to rangoli and requires much concentration. The speciality is that the design appear similar…


SmART Silhouettes

Great was the family sunday at the SMART  musuem, Chicago. It is a day when everybody in a family attend art workshop, do some family project, listen to a concert etc. These silhouettes were done on one such sunday. With the kid standing against a bright light, the shadow is made to…

Oven baked idol of Lord Ganesh

Oven baked Idol of Lord Ganesh

Yet another creation by my girl. As I told you here, my girl attended  and  really enjoyed the ‘Art  Afternoons’ on wednesdays  at the SMART musuem, this summer.  One such afternoon, we did crafts with oven bake  clay. This is just like  a play doh but needs to be baked at 350 deg…

My girl's art piece

My Girl In The Spotlight!

I have a lovely, active , extraordinary creative daughter who is a first grader now.As a sample for her activities… This is what she made at the SMART  musuem  (‘Art Wednesdays’) in her summer vacation. Of course , I helped her!!     

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