First meal of the week – Pongal

Just as assured as sun rises every day in the east..there are few rituals of every one which do not change over time.  For us it is ‘Pongal’  being the first meal of the week.  It is an equation that does not need any proof :  Sunday AM= pongal Pongal…


Jangiri- A Taste Of Excitement

Lately, I miss my adventurous indulgences. Mostly deep fried snacks were store bought and had no attachment to our heart.  The ‘homemade’ pride  was missing apparently. As diwali fell on a weekend this year and all the more as we did not have the time to make a trip to…

Sourdough dinner roll

Sourdough dinner Rolls

Thanks to my dear friends, Isabella and David,  for  helping me acheive my long time dream come true. Bread making was always foriegn to me and I came to a conclusion that breads are commercial products which need a lot of skill and perfection. My conclusion was rewritten when  I tasted…


Neverfading Love Of My Grandma / Urad Dall Chutney

Our Grandma ,Lakshmiammal is one great personality known for selflessness, love and  generosity. Even when she was young she had made several sacrifices that no other normal girl would do in her personal life. Many days she used to feed the food she had for her to the  poor begging…

Rice floating in paruppu kuzhambhu

Paruppu Kuzhambhu / Spicy Lentil Soup

             In my childhood , our village often suffered powercuts. On those occasions, my mom used to compensate the ‘Edison’less nights  with her moonlight dinner(Nila Choru). My brothers and me sit around her in the moon lit hall , speaking about all good times. The menu would be rice with either this…

Tomato pickle

Tomato pickle / Thakkali oorukai

As long as you have something you never realize the value of it. Once it is no more , you want it more and more. You heart yearns for it, starves for it …This is true not only for the worldly possesions, but also for silliest things like the pickle…

Avarakai poriyal

Avarakai Poriyal / Indian Beans Curry

A simple curry  for a normal day meals. This is totally satisfying when done in the right way. If it is slightly undercooked or when not seasoned with adequate oil, will leave you disappointed.  This is the way my grandma cooks this veggie, and it has never let me down….


Good Old Version Of Thattai

Crunch..crunnnch. Hey, stop that, your boy is sleeping. Crunch.. crunch Hear  the crunch again, ya, it is me, uncontrollable  in eating the thattai ,that my mom made for me, along with my lunch. ( Sssssh.. I always  have my lunch with a crisp side dish.) Let us come to the…

Kosu kootu

Kosu Kootu / Cabbage- Lentil Medley

This is everybody’s favourite  at our home.  It is good enough  with rice  all by itself and you will not even ask for a sambhar or kuzhambhu. The little  coconut chunks in it  makes it more interesting and makes you to expect a sudden surprise when eating.  The nutty taste…

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