Nungu -Thirst quencher in summer

As much as the sun scorches in Chennai, so are sold the nature’s gifts to quench the thirst.

Tender coconuts, nungu are toppers in the list.

Nungu is also called ice apple. The shell is kind of sticky, but it is totally worth getting messy with your hands shelling these jewels. When you’re shelling these, make sure you don’t puncture the jelly inside, as it houses the tasty cool water which is quite close to tender coconut water. (I still remember the days when my mom keeps me near by when she does, so just in case, it ruptures, she pours it down my throat. :-) )

If you are a mom like me, you might want to leave one unshelled like shown to have one left for yourself, 😉 else it all disappears in a minute. :-)

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