Easy breezy cookies

It is a cookie festival at my blog guys! This cookie is so easy breezy (my girl’s contribution to my vocabulary) and  requires  just egg, oil and cake mix . The original recipe is from here.


Yellow cake mix with pudding – one 18.5 oz pack

Oil- 1/2 cup

Eggs – 2 numberMM

Chopped pecans- 1/2 cup

Quick oats-3/4 cups

Grated unsweetened coconut- 1/2 cup

Water-1/4 cup

Easy breezy cookie

In a large bowl , beat eggs, oil and  water with a hand blender. Slowly add the cake mix. When everything is well incorporated, fold in the pecans, oats and coconut.

Preheat the oven to 350 deg F. Take a teaspoon and drop the cookie  mix on ungreased cookie sheets and bake for 14 – 16  min .

This yeilds 40 sweet chewy cookies!

This is my entry for Meeta’s Monthly mingle- Sweet love!

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13 thoughts on “Easy breezy cookies”

  1. asha says:

    Great entry.Perfectly baked!:))

  2. Meeta says:

    Wonderful picture and very yummy looking cookies. Thank you for the entry.

  3. usha says:

    Wow!amazing cookies.A nice entry for Meeta’s event….

  4. sandeepa says:

    The pics are so lovely and real. Want to pick one eat it right now

  5. maheswari says:

    Crunchy , sweet cookies..pic looks great..
    Nice entry for MM.

  6. Nidhi says:

    OH! so baking is up at your blog today. The cookies are looking yummy and crunchy. Great picture Lakshmi.
    Thanks, Nidhi.

  7. madhoori says:

    wow!grt looking cookies.

  8. Vini K says:

    Lakshmi,cookies look great!and to think they are made from cake mix!easy breezy…just like your daughter says:)

  9. mandira says:

    Lakshmi – the cookies look fabulous… perfectly baked :)

  10. Sushma says:

    Wonderful picture. The cookies look great !!!

  11. RP says:

    Visiting you after a long time, lakshmiammal. I can see that I missed a lot of wonderful food… Cookie festival sounds like a good idea. Will come back to look for more cookies. :)

  12. viji says:

    Hi Lakshmiammal, the easy bressze cookies are really nice. Your little chef contribution – pecan SB cookies are good . Veg. Pulav is yummy and my favourite Thatti – very nice. Very nice presentation and photos. Enjoy reading it. Viji

  13. lakshmi says:

    looks nice lakshmi

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