Have A Break! Have A Salad!

Healthy salad

After all trials from the roundups, (WBB and festive food fair), I feel I need a break from the high calorie, but delicious, feasts. If you feel the same way, this is for you. And whenever I am late to get up  in the mornings, and when my stove top is so engaged, I call salads for rescue. I learnt a bunch of salad recipes from Isha Yoga classes and they are my  treasured recipes as they are so healthy and  more palatable than the salads I eat here in US. Now to the versatile salad..

Carrots-1 or 2 numbers. Skin and dice them into small cubes.

Iceberg Lettuce- 1/2 . Chop into fine strips.

Dry roasted peanuts- 1/2 cup

Cucumber- 1 number- skinned , cored and diced into cubes.

Tomato- 1/2 . Cored and diced into cubes.

Lime juice- 1 tbsp

Mustard seeds, cumin seeds, urad dall, dry chillies and curry leaves – for seasoning/thallipu/thallidam

Mix all the vegetables and peanuts in a bowl with adequate salt. Leave them for 15 minutes. The salt would have done its mischeif, all water content from the vegetables would have separated. Strain the vegetables  but don’t throw away the juice, it is great for a cocktail.  Now add lime juice and mix again.

In a pan, heat oil, sputter mustard seeds, cumin seeds, urad dall, dry chillies and curry leaves in the order said. Remove from heat and add to the salad mix. Serve with cilantro garnishing. The chewy carrots, juicy tomato and cucumber, crunchy lettuce and the roasted nuts will entertain your  taste buds , and you  will  say good bye to your stove top.

Added on Dec 8th 2006 :

Thank you friends for the appreciation,
Try the salad and let me know. I learnt the carving from here and here. I hope you will it find as a wonderful site for Thai carving.

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21 thoughts on “Have A Break! Have A Salad!”

  1. jaya says:

    salad looks wonderful
    will try it out
    did u carve those flowers looks cool
    nice carving

  2. Asha says:

    Beautiful presentation, LA. It just very soothing to the eye and I bet for the stomach too:)

    Thank you for that.

  3. Sangeeta says:

    This is such a great recipe – healthy and great tasting. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Viji says:

    Very nice presentation. Thanks for sharing. Viji

  5. MenuToday says:

    Wow!!!!! nice carving of leaves and flowers. Please blog about these also.. Healthy salad. Thanks for sharing.

  6. swapna says:

    wow lakshmi ammal

    decoration is so good.nice recipe…

  7. lakshmi says:

    the salad looks so beautiful, nice presentation lakshmi

  8. Priya says:

    Hi Lakshmi,
    The salad looks really yummy, and the carrot flowers and leaves are just splendid !! Will surely try this one out soon :-)

  9. Vini K says:

    Wow Lakshmiammal,those flowers and leaves are simply gorgeous!They look so neat and professionally done.COngrats to you!Salad looks nice.I love salads which have an indian flavour to it.Thanks for sharing.:)

  10. Archana says:

    Wow you did it so well, i am so impressed. Thank you for providing those useful links too.

  11. Trupti says:

    Beautiful looking salad…! Very creative.

  12. Gauri says:

    Very pretty and creative presentation.
    Recipe looks tasty will definately try out. Excellent job!!!!!!

  13. Anita says:

    Great presentation!

  14. Sushma says:

    Hello Lakshmi,

    The salad looks so wonderful with such a beautiful presentation. Thanks for sharing

    Best Regards

  15. lakshmiammal says:

    Hi friends,
    I went on a diet and so I made the salad little attractive to keep up my spirits.Thanks for your appreciation.

  16. preetha says:

    thank u for sharing this wonderful recipe. it would be great if u share all the other salad recipes u learnt from Isha yoga class. it will be really helpful for people who r on diet.

  17. lakshmiammal says:

    Sure Preetha,
    I do like to share all the salad recipes. Do come back , you will not be disappointed.

  18. preetha says:

    thanks a lot…….will look forward for it…..

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  20. A nice recpe idea you have here. I am always looking for more ideas to keep the kids entertained with and this one might just do the trick so thank you for sharing it.

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