Inji Poondu Kuzhambu / Ginger Garlic Pulusu/Huli

I studied from hostel and I was the only one who was 3 hrs travel from the home town.All my friends were from far south with atleast 10 hrs travel. So, whenever my mom visits me , she brings this dish for her home sick daughter and friends in a big container. Whenever she brings inji poondu kuzhambhu, none in our group will taste the mess sambhar for a week. The reason , longer the kuzhambhu stays  out, tastier it is . It stays gud even for a week outside the refrigerator.So, I am  happy to share my friends’  all time favourite dish.


Ingredients for inji poondu kuzhambhu

Medium sized onion-  1

Large tomato- 1

curry leaves

Garlic- 7-8 cloves

Tamarind- lemon size

Vadagam– for seasoning/thallipu

To grind:

Ginger/Inji-  2 inch piece

Cumin seeds- 1 tsp

Coriander seeds- 1 tsp

Dry chillies- 5

Poppy seeds- 1 tsp

pepper corns- 1/2  tsp

fenugreek seeds- 1/2 tsp

Soak the tamarind in warm water. Extract the juice.

Chop the onion into bite size chunks. You can also use pearl onion for greater taste. Chop the tomato finely.Peel the garlic.

Heat oil in a pan and fry the ‘ to grind ‘ items one by one. Take extra care while frying fenugreek. If they are burnt, it spoils the dish.You can avoid fenugreek, if you are not  confident.

Grind the fried spices to a fine paste.

Heat  2 tbsp of oil in a kadai and sputter  the vadagam/ simply mustard seeds and urad dall.

Add curry leaves, garlic and onion. Fry till the onion turns transparent .

Add tomato , salt and tumeric powder and fry till all juice comes out.

Add the ground paste , saute a little and pour water.

When the raw smell diminishes, add the tamarind extract and  let it  cook on low heat for sometime.

Turn off the heat when oil starts floating on the top .

The aroma of the inji  will fill your house and all your digestive enzymes will start secreting at once.Go ahead and  dig in.

Rice with inji poondu kuzhambhu and potato curry

I love the onions in this kuzhambhu with curd rice. They marry so gladly and makes my taste buds happy.

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32 thoughts on “Inji Poondu Kuzhambu / Ginger Garlic Pulusu/Huli”

  1. nice recipe lakshmiammal,
    thanks for sharing this traditional recipe..will try it soon.

  2. Asha says:

    Very colorful and looks delicious! First time here! Thanks for the recipe!:)

  3. lakshmiammal says:

    Hi Meena,Do try and let me know the outcome. I am sure it will become your regular menu .

    Hi Asha,
    Thanks for visiting. Do visit often.

  4. shaheen says:

    Nice blog!!! Is this like a puliyodarai? my friend used to get it from home for me when we were in the hostel.:)I will try this definitely.

  5. Trupti says:

    Nice recipe! I must try this!


  6. indosungod says:

    Lakshmiammal love this kuzhmabu, yours plate is making me hungry. I make this with garlic and onion but not ginger, wonder why, it makes so much sense to add the ginger. It goes great with paruppu satham (dal rice)

  7. Vinaya says:


    Thanks for visiting my blog.Your kuzhambu looks so appetising,Will make it tomorrow and see what it tastes like.

    My goodness,I have so many recipes to make now from all the friends I have in my blog now.You are also one of my friends as I have added you to my blog.I am very interested in Tamil recipes,so please keep then coming.Thanks.

  8. lakshmiammal says:

    Hi Shaheen,
    This is not like puliyodarai, but like any other kara kuzhambhu/ puli kuzhambhu. The oil in it preserves it for a longer time.

    Hi Trupti and Vinaya,
    Sure it is worth trying.Thanks for adding me in thy linklist.Try and let me know the result.

    Hi ISG,
    The ginger gives a special taste and aroma. But it needs to fried really well.Thanks for adding me in thy linklist.

  9. supriya says:

    just yesterday i tried Chettinad Garlic Kulambu… will be posting the recipe soon.. keep posting recipes and happy blogging:)

  10. Vidya says:

    Lakshmiammal, I made this yesterday and it was unbelievably awesome! I didnt have poppy seeds, so I left those out. But it was simply superb all the same. have you any idea if this is a suitable item for a post-natal diet (patthyam) if made without red chillis??
    I think I should make double or triple the quantity you mentioned if i want to check how it tastes the next day! it all got over in one meal! didnt even last me till dinner…
    thanks again!

  11. lakshmiammal says:

    Hi Vidya,
    It is great that you enjoyed the dish. Poppy seeds are just to add body to the dish. I make this with a lot of garlic as I feed my baby. We believe that garlic increases your milk supply. Have a great time.Thanks

  12. Vidya says:

    Thanks again.. will add this to my post-natal diet too! I wonder if i can make the ground masala and freeze it and assemble as required. have you tried that?? my mother makes a ready mix for milagu-kuzhambu, where i just need to add water and boil.. do you think frozen ground shd work?

  13. lakshmiammal says:

    Hi Vidya,
    Probably, you can make the paste and freeze it.I have not tried it yet but I think your idea should work.

  14. rock banner says:

    i am going to try this
    if nice i will come back
    if not…………..

  15. lakshmiammal says:

    Thanks Indian recipes, for placing this recipe in the highlights.

  16. revathi says:

    Super recipe. I have a similar recipe wihtout ginger. neenga sonadhu romba seri. goes sooo well with curd rice.

  17. Veena says:

    Awesome recipe. I tried it today and felt compelled to leave a reply. Tasted very good. Will try again with small onions next time. Thank you

  18. Devi says:

    Your recipe is just too good. i made it today and all of us enjoyed it with potato fry. thanks.

  19. chitra says:

    I tried this as we went for a long trip and this was excellent..My mom who is an excellent cook asked me the recipe!!!IT TASTED GREAT


  20. Shyamala says:

    Excellent Recipe. Thanks a lot. I am from Andhra but did my college in madras. I was looking for this recipe since long time. I tried it and can’t wait to make it again.
    Thanks for sharing.Great job with the site.

  21. sri says:

    Hi lakshmiammal your recipe is excellent. My mom makes like this. Thanks for this recipe.

  22. gnanajothi says:

    super madam.
    i really enjoy this recepie.
    thnk u so much

  23. Jay says:

    We have tried for today’s lunch. It was very good.


  24. sharmila sandeep says:

    Hi lakshmiammal,

    i was searching for some spicy recipe as my taste buds misses all indian restaurant food staying in US.I was so excited to find this recipe & tried it imdtly!!! it came out so well & am sure i am going it keep making it again & again…

    do keep posting traditional recipes for people like us…

    sharmila sandeep

  25. Madhuram says:

    I wanted to prepare a different poondu kuzhambu than the one I usually make. So searched it in Google and landed here. It turned out very good and was liked by everybody in my family. Thank you very much for this awesome recipe.

  26. sona says:

    i have tried the ingi poondu kuzhambu today and it turned out well. thanks for the recipe.

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  28. Sri says:

    It was fantastic lakshmi ji. Thanks!

  29. Bhanu says:

    Living in the US, memories of home got me to your page. I followed the recipe word for word. This is my first time making this kuzhambu. My husband is very picky, so I did not offer to him at all. But he tasted it on his own while digging the fridge and I got a load of compliments! I could not believe! He said t tasted like hotel food. Couldn’t get better :)

    Thanks Lakshmiammal!

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