Fall Colors Everywhere – Rawa Kesari

Fall colors

It is lovely to walk along the road side, making a ‘charak charak’ sound with the leaves . As the leaves fall, they know their destination , still they give their life a colorful ending. Their  bond  with the tree is in the hands of a breeze. Some leaves get knocked by a mild breeze, some are stubborn and yield only to a stormy wind. Some go by the gravity. However they fall, they dress the mother earth  with their vivid colors and do a wavy dance with the kissing wind.

Hey, come on , I know I bored  you. I can hear you  saying ‘come to the point’. I know you guessed it right, it is our first fall in US. Being for the first time, my daughter loves to celebrate all the seasons of the year. She  attended a fall festival in our neighbourhood and  was mimicking it at home . She organised few games and activities, and  set up a food stall. For the food, she chose the  snacks according to the theme like mango juice ,colorful fruit loops etc. So she wanted a dessert in the fall color . There comes our handy menu- rawa kesari. I made in minutes and moulded it like a pumpkin to cheer up my girl’s festive mood.


Semolina/rawa/sooji- 1 cup

Water- 2 cups

Sugar- 2 cups

Ghee/clarified butter- 1 cup

Cashews and raisins-  – handful

Cardamom- 2 no

Food color-1 pinch

Roast the rawa in ghee slightly. In a heavy non stick pan, boil the water . Add food color to the water. Add the rawa stirring  continuously.There should  not be any lumps . Stir well till it is cooked thoroughly. Now add the sugar , the  rawa will get loosen a little. Add  the powdered cardamom. Heat the ghee on another stove  and pour the melted ghee . First the ghee will get absorbed and later it is ooze out . Stop stirring when  the sweet comes out as a ball. In a separate pan , heat ghee, roast the cashews and raisins. Add to the kesari. Serve hot.

Rawa kesari- celebrating fall

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12 thoughts on “Fall Colors Everywhere – Rawa Kesari”

  1. MenuToday says:

    Hi Lakshmi Ammal,
    It is my all time favourite.You have given new look to the kesari !!!!

  2. Puspha says:

    Hello Lakshmi,

    Good blog u have here. Keep up the great job.

    Thank u for adding me in ur blogroll.

  3. Trupti says:

    Nice picture…how did you make the pumpking shape? it is too cute!


  4. lakshmiammal says:

    Hi MT, Pushpa,Trupti
    Thanks for stopping by and taking time to encourage.
    For the pumpkin shape, I filled my santhana kinnam (சந்தன கிண்ணம்)with the kesari and reversed it on the plate.

  5. Hi Lakshmi,
    nice recipe and nice photograph.Thanks for tips and links on photography..really the fall leaves photograph looks good.

  6. rp says:

    I have been taking some pictures of fall colors too. Your picture looks so good and so is rava kesari.

  7. priya says:

    Lovely blog.May I request you to add a rss feed?It’d make following your blog a lot easier.

  8. sailaja says:

    Just love the colors, Lakshmi. I’m sure rava kesari moulded into a pumpkin peeped up your little one’s festive spirits. Lovely picture!

  9. lakshmiammal says:

    Hi Meena,Rp, and Sailaja
    Many thanks for the gud words. The picture was taken by my husband.Since this is the first year for us, we are excited and been taking pictures in all seasons.

  10. Latha says:

    What a creative way to present this simple sweet! i must remember to have a good look at the kitchen for nice deco ideas;)

  11. vineetha says:

    dear lakshmi amma,

    i prepared rava keasari as u told. you know while preparing i also went to my school days, i also listened the ‘charak charak’ soud of dry leaves. very thanx for ur rava kesari, and creative presentation.

  12. layaa says:

    HI Lakshmi, a new look to kesari.Happy to see that.Your photos showed your aesthetic sense.I love that.Its really superb. layaa.

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