Pizza In My Way

        It was my friend’s birthday. I wanted to treat her in a special way. She loves  pizza but restrains herself  bcoz of the fat in the cheese. I wanted to put a smile on her face without fear in her heart. So, I went on and made a pizza with a low moisture part skim cheese.  I always keep a stock of store brought prebaked pizza crusts for my daughter.


Prebaked pizza crust-1

Pizza sauce /pasta sauce – 2 tablespoon

Sauted onion and green pepper

Tomato cut like a flower to be the centre piece

Grated Mozzarella cheese- 1 cup

Sauting the onion and green pepper


Moisten  the base with olive oil, Spread the pasta sauce liberally.  Spread a base of grated cheese. Arrange the onion and peppers with the tomato carving at the centre. Sprinkle liberal amount of cheese again on top.

                         Ready to bake

Bake in preheated oven at 450 deg for 12 minutes or till crust look browned.

Note : Place the pizza on the lowermost rack of your oven . Place them on the rack directly for a crisper crust.

Yummy pizza

 Hope you enjoyed my version of pizza.I made light and got  a bright smile from my friend.

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